I wouldn't be a librarian if I didn't like to read. For those of you who also enjoy reading, I've got some great recommendations for you. For those of you who don't...I still have some good ideas about books that might not be too bad. Just ask me!

Some Suggestions...

Kids Reads- KidsReads is a great place to "shop" for books. This site gives you information about authors, book reviews, and books that haven't come out yet, but soon will. Look for the information about books that have also been made into movies!

The Children's Book Review- This site provides pictures, information, and reviews of books for preK-6th grade kids. It includes recommendations as well as bestsellers.

TalesToldTall- Michael Sullivan is a librarian who knows how to give boys good books...books about all sorts of interesting things like spies, dinosaurs, pirates, gross stuff, and sports. Do you have to be a boy to enjoy these things? Of course not! Just take a look at his website.